Graphic-only Facebook posts get lots of shares

Like many news outlets, most of the Facebook updates we post from WSJ’s Facebook page and WSJ Europe’s page consist of a photo, text and a link.

A couple of times this week we have posted a graphic which contains the story within and didn’t add a link or any text.

This Malaysia Airlines graphic resulted in far more shares, likes and comments than a standard post.

Here’s a guide to creating an effective Facebook page. I spoke to journalist programme manager at Facebook Vadim Lavrusik for some pointers.

I spoke to Vadim Lavrusik, journalist programme manager from Facebook; Paul Bradshaw, head of the online journalism course at Birmingham City University and visiting professor at City University, London; and Jack Riley, head of digital audience and content development at the Independent, to find out more about Facebook pages.

Here’s something to digest on cookies. And here’s a Webby-winning video on cookies from the Wall Street Journal.