Google search tips for journalists

Google’s Stephen Rosenthal came in to the WSJ today to deliver a presentation on Google tools for journalists (there’s a video here as it was done via a Google Hangout On Air).

One of the things Stephen did was go through the Google search operators. I’m listing the most useful ones for journalists. Some of these were shared by Stephen and I have added a couple more.

A site search libor

That will search for mentions of the word ‘libor’ on

A site search is super useful. Many journalists will search their news site every day to find stories from the archives.

Additional tip: You can search Facebook or LinkedIn in this way too.

A dictionary definition


Time in a particular city

time:New York

Words with two meanings

Turkey -recipe -food

This search will omit recipes and food references and favour results about Turkey the country.


"Smith claimed" OR "Smith denied"

Will find articles with references of either ‘Smith claimed’ OR ‘Smith denied’.

File types

filetype:csv population

This search will find only CSV files on a particular topic.

filetype:pdf population

Searches can also be combined. This one finds PDF files on the site which mention ‘population’ .

A wildcard

A bird in the hand*

An asterisk is used as wild card if you do not know how to finish a phrase.

There are more search tips tricks here.